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The Essential Suitcase - Cartonnage tutorial to download

The Essential Suitcase - Cartonnage tutorial to download

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This Technical Notebook for Download explains the creation of a suitcase to store and transport all the tools necessary for cardboard and framing enthusiasts.

The explanations, photos and diagrams allow you to create this creation independently. This paper/cardboard creation by LéNa is described with great precision, with numerous photos and many diagrams of all the stages of the object's manufacture.


* Scan the QRcode: listen and watch this short video which explains the origin of the project, the models, the design, how the project was born, what reasoning I followed......

* The double inverted hinge of the lid which allows this lid to be positioned vertically on the base. This minimizes the space that the suitcase could take up on the work table.

* The double drawers and above all, the hidden storage areas to accommodate everything the perfect paper addict needs.

* The tray and the channel which allows you to store the often wide transparent rulers, and the steel rulers up to 50 cm.

* The design is such that all stored objects remain in place whether the suitcase is flat on the table or carried vertically.

The 43 sheets and plates can be printed on A4 sheet, in color. NB: PDF in French

LEVEL: ****(on a scale of 4)

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The Story of 'The Essential Suitcase'

“In 2020, Covid, a dangerous virus, disrupted all our habits, our rhythms, our ways of living together, and imposed several confinements on us.
For many months, certain places, certain businesses, certain activities,
were considered essential or non-essential....
After the first confinement, we, the cardboard addicts, were finally able to come together again to share our passion. I was able, while respecting barrier gestures, to see my dear students who came to the cardboard and/or framing class, with their own equipment (while usually everything is available in the workshop)
This is how the 'essential suitcase' was born in which it is possible to store all the rulers (up to 50 cm), transparent rulers, various tools..... essential tools for our activity , itself essential to our balance.
The suitcase is sturdy and can withstand multiple transfers from the car to the classroom or home.... And a special hinged back system keeps the lid square so as not to encroach on the neighbor's space.

A UNIQUE piece for UNIQUE projects

... Happy creating...”

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Ma valise de cartonnage

Tuto très bien expliqué même si je n'ai pas suivi à la lettre les explications. Quelques heures de travail mais le résultat est là. Heureuse du résultat

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