• Artisan Framer: An exciting profession

    Becoming an Artisan Art Framer is an important step in my professional life. It is an artistic profession that requires patience, precision, pugnacity, calm and constancy. It’s a profession serving beauty and well-made things. All that I love.

    Thanks to this job, I was able to hold magnificent works in my hands, protect them and enhance them.

    Thanks to this job, I meet my clients physically, in my workshop-boutique in the North of France. I can exchange, converse, explain, propose. This direct contact is important.

    Trained at the AAAV , I also, for many years, offered training for the practical tests of the CAP supervisor. So several of my adult students, once they graduated, were able to either run framing classes, or work with or for an established framer or photographer, or set up as a framer.

    The transmission of know-how is very important.

  • Share my experience.

    For almost 20 years now, I have been running art coaching classes in my workshop in the North of France. In addition to CAP training , I welcome many adult students in leisure courses. It is a real pleasure to share these moments of creation and real learning.

    Although I write and distribute tutorials for my cardboard/paper creations (downloadable from this site), I do not offer any tutorials for framing techniques.

    On the other hand, with the agreement of my students, I offer a very rich photo gallery of hundreds of frames made by my students . Which can be an important source of inspiration for all art framing enthusiasts.

    The variety of techniques, staging and styles is endless. It's a delight.

    All photos are collected on Pinterest . Go ahead and enjoy

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