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Lena's Paper

Vanity Poppins - Cardboard tutorial to download

Vanity Poppins - Cardboard tutorial to download

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This technical notebook for download explains the creation of a bag, vanity type, large toiletry bag or travel bag. This small suitcase can be used for travel by car, train or plane. It allows you to carry everything you need for toiletries and makeup.

The explanations, photos and diagrams allow you to create this creation independently. This paper/cardboard creation by LéNa is described with great precision, with numerous photos and many diagrams of all the stages of the object's manufacture.

This very elegant handbag/vanity bag is made up of 2 rigid half-shells, assembled by a film hinge. Closure is ensured by magnets hidden in the upper part and by 2 handles. A handle is provided to easily carry this small suitcase.

Most :

* A very fluid design, and guaranteed success.

* A model of great elegance and uniqueness, which cannot go unnoticed

The style of the object can be infinitely varied......

The 32 sheets can be printed on A4 sheet, in color. NB: PDF in French

LEVEL: **** (on a scale of 4)

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"The shape of this bag is very similar to the incredibly magical bag of Mary Poppins: do you remember, in Robert Stevenson's film, this bag from which the most improbable objects come out, a coat hook, a large plant, a lamp post .... and the dazzled eyes of the Banks children! This little suitcase looks a bit like our bags, collections of so many objects, each more essential than the last.

I always like this story, and I needed Mary Poppins' big magic bag. That's done ! He accompanies me on all my trips, whether by car, train or plane.

A little magic is always welcome!
... Happy creating...”

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vanity poppins

I haven't worked but the explanations are clear
it's back to school, serious things will resume

Mmmmm! nothing but beautiful hours of creation in sight, Marie! tremendous !!

Marie Gauthier
very interesting thank you

I will start this work next week

Beautiful creative hours ahead, Marie! It would be great if you shared your photos once your work is finished!

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