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The MARY Evening Bag - Cardboard Tutorial to download

The MARY Evening Bag - Cardboard Tutorial to download

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This technical notebook for download explains the creation of a city and/or evening bag with a rigid double shell.

The explanations, photos and diagrams allow you to create this creation independently. This paper/cardboard creation by LéNa is described with great precision, with numerous photos and many diagrams of all the stages of the object's manufacture.

This very elegant handbag is made up of 2 rigid half-shells, assembled by a film hinge. Closure is ensured by magnets hidden in the upper part. A handle is provided to carry the bag on the shoulder.

Most :

* A very fluid design, which once mastered, will allow the creation of Vanity Poppins (CT66) without any worries

* The explanation of the oblong paper beads for the handle; An idea to use again to make paper bead jewelry.

The style of the object can be infinitely varied......

The 21 sheets can be printed on A4 sheet, in color. NB: PDF in french.

LEVEL: *** (on a scale of 4)

************************************************** ******

"The shape of this bag looks a lot like Mary Poppins' incredibly magical bag: this bag from which the most improbable objects come out. A bit like our handbags, collections of so many objects, each more essential than the last.

My goal, when I designed this bag, was to make a bigger one (which I actually did: it's the Vanity Poppins CT66 bag). But I thought that explaining a bag in a smaller size, handbag size, was a good way to familiarize yourself with the design and get to grips with the production. This is how the Mary bag was first born, then the Vanity Poppins.

.... You will like both, I'm sure...
... Happy creating...”

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