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La Boite Pyramide - Cardboard Book Advanced level - DIY

La Boite Pyramide - Cardboard Book Advanced level - DIY

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This book explains the creation of a thick-walled box and its removable pyramid-shaped lid. 3 different interior layouts are offered.

The explanations, photos and diagrams allow you to create this creation independently. This paper/cardboard creation by LéNa is described with great precision, with numerous photos and many diagrams of all the stages of the object's manufacture.

This box is made up of a square base, with very thick walls, and a removable pyramid-shaped lid. 3 variations of interior storage are proposed and explained.

Most :

* The technique which minimizes the overlap of thick papers.

* The lightness of the box despite the cubic shape.

The style of the object can be infinitely varied......

The 52 pages of the book are in color. NB: Book in french.

LEVEL: *** (on a scale of 4)

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"I like the recurrences, the lines, the architecture, the perceptives. I find that this cubic shape responds to all of that. Especially when you line up 3 exactly identical boxes.... then it's even more beautiful.. ..

... Happy creating...”

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