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The COVEN Box-Tutorial Cardboard to download

The COVEN Box-Tutorial Cardboard to download

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This technical notebook for download explains the creation of a box which opens thanks to 2 curved sides, assembled by hinges. When opened, this original box reveals a surprising arrangement of small storage spaces ( a secret drawer, an upper compartment and 2 hanging areas), for multiple objects: jewelry, pencils, collections...

The explanations, photos and diagrams allow you to create this creation independently. This paper/cardboard creation by LéNa is described with great precision, with numerous photos and many diagrams of all the stages of the object's manufacture.

Most :

* The surprise effect when you open the box to discover all these unexpected little storage spaces. There is even a secret drawer and a fake drawer.

* The relief decoration always very elegant.

The style of the object can be infinitely varied......

The 23 sheets can be printed on A4 sheet, in color. NB: PDF in french.

LEVEL: **** (on a scale of 4)

************************************************** ******

"It was during a visit to Coven Garden in London that the idea for this box was born: In a charming pastry shop, very English as I like them, macaroons were prettily arranged in a curved box with double shells. The surprise and delicious effect was perfectly achieved when we opened the two sides of the box. Already a feast for the eyes.

My Coven box can also hide macaroons, but not only that.... we can store, or even hide, everything that is precious to us..... And we all have small precious objects to preserve... .
... Happy creating...”

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