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LeNa's Paper

FOCUS N°6 - Notebook to Download

FOCUS N°6 - Notebook to Download

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This Technical Notebook for Download, offers a detailed explanation of the covering of right, acute, obtuse angles, outgoing angles, for cardboard, bristol, thick cardboard, paving stones.

Essential concept for the success of beautiful objects .

LéNa Focus, faithful and essential companions to the success of your creations .

************************************************** ***********************************

On many occasions, in cardboard, as in framing, the outgoing corners must be dressed.
The method for covering the exiting corners differs depending on the thickness of the cardboard:
* We will proceed in a certain way for cardboard whose thickness is greater than 1 mm. This is the case for 2 mm or CB20, 2.5 mm or CB25, 3 mm or CB30, 3.5 mm or CB35 cardboard.... For the latter cases, it is a 'Pavé' covering.
* We will proceed in another way for cardboard whose thickness is less than or equal to 1 mm. This is the case with cardboard boxes.

This focus describes the different methods, for different outgoing angles: straight, obtuse, acute and for different thicknesses of cardboard.


************************************************** *****************************************

This Technical Notebook to Download from the LéNa's Paper Collection, meets the same objectives as the Books in the same collection: LéNa's paper creation is described with great precision, many photos, many diagrams.

The explanations benefit from the concrete experience of LéNa, a facilitator for over 15 years. All LéNa creations have already been made by students in LéNa courses, but also by enthusiasts who simply followed the written instructions.

The 11 sheets can be printed on A4 sheet, in color. NB: PDF in French

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