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LeNa's Paper

FOCUS N°5 - Notebook to Download

FOCUS N°5 - Notebook to Download

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This Technical Notebook for Download explains how to calculate the IUD, Useful Interior Dimensions and the DEU, Useful Exterior Dimensions of a Cubic Box with rectilinear walls. It also explains the calculation of all the dimensions of the different parts constituting the box.

LéNa Focus, faithful and essential companions to the success of your creations .

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At the start of a cardboard project, it is essential to define the interior or exterior dimensions of the object. Learning to pose needs, translating them into values, into precise dimensions of the different components of a cubic box with rectilinear walls, is essential for mastering the dimensions of the project.

When the project is thought through at the beginning of its design, the 'bad' surprises fade away and all that remains is the pleasure of a beautiful and serene construction.


************************************************** *****************************************

This Technical Notebook to Download from the LéNa's Paper Collection, meets the same objectives as the Books in the same collection: LéNa's paper creation is described with great precision, many photos, many diagrams.

The explanations benefit from the concrete experience of LéNa, a facilitator for over 15 years. All LéNa creations have already been made by students in LéNa classes, but also by enthusiasts who simply followed the written instructions.

The 12 sheets can be printed on A4 sheet, in color. NB: PDF in French

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