The Paper and Me

A fascinating and wonderful story

  • The contact with Paper is inimitable.

    Nothing replaces the unique feel of paper . I have always collected notebooks, notebooks and sheets with a special feel.

    Paper is a faithful, discreet, constant, easy, simply beautiful companion.

    What a pleasure to simply brush your hand over the velvet of a paper, to let a pencil slide across a sheet of notebook, to blacken the pages of your adventures, your secrets...

    What a pleasure to pencil, draw, watercolor....
    In my studio, or during one of my trips, one of my walks, or simply in my wonderful garden, I draw classically on paper according to my desires, my daydreams. Slow Life and present moment....

    Thus was born LeNa's Paper Collection Stationery , collection of notebooks, notebooks, notepads, weekly planners, to do lists ... made based on my own drawings. Authentic and French stationery. I really like my pretty notebooks , my sweet cards , my flowery notebooks . I like to forget them everywhere in my home, and let them participate in my interior decoration.

    I hope you like my collection as much as I like it....

    Treat yourself to the pleasure of pretty stationery

    I treat myself to some Pretty Stationery, HERE 
  • Share my experience.

    I have always worked with Paper and Cardboard. Paper and cardboard allow me to create, design, cut,
    adjust, glue, tear…. But also explain and transmit:
    In my workshop in the North of France, Les Ateliers de LéNa , I have been running cardboard making (and framing) classes for almost 20 years.

    I wanted to share my creations with more people.

    Thus was born LeNa's Paper Collection DIY , collection of technical sheets , descriptive tutorials of my paper/cardboard creations.

    These ' Step by Step ' are very detailed and rich in photos and plans . These tutorials benefit from my extensive experience with students: I guess the delicate points, emphasize the important details, propose plans which allow the dimensions to be adapted. Autonomy is guaranteed.

    Among the 100 tutorials , from beginner to expert , you will undoubtedly find models that will allow you to discover cardboard and/or enjoy creating.

    Let's share the pleasure of 'it's me who made it', the taste for well-made things, the love of neat, elegant objects. Let's surprise by revealing useful or decorative objects, all made of paper and cardboard.

    Treat yourself to the pleasure of 'I did it'

    I treat myself to the Pleasure of DIY, HERE 
  • Slow Life and Present Moment

    In a world where everything is moving inexorably faster and faster, it becomes urgent and vital to decide, to choose to slow down. Slow down to savor, appreciate, contemplate, taste, observe, listen...

    I chose Slow Life .

    Read, write, browse, comment, reflect, discuss…. Sketch, draw, pencil, color, paint, etc. These are ways of enjoying the present moment that I use and abuse...

    Design, research, start again, calculate, anticipate…. Make,
    gluing, assembling, improving… are other ways to take the time…..

    Which in the end makes it so good for me.

  • The taste for 'beautiful' and 'well done'

    Without doubt, this taste for detail , the well done , the well finished , comes to me from my talented seamstress mother. She learned to start over until the work reached the expected level. 'Doing and undoing is learning to work' she said. Or again, 'what deserves to be done, deserves to be done well' ….

    This builds a profile. So, yes, I really like things that are well finished, well thought out, well made, elegant. This is why I love and defend arts and crafts , which require absolute involvement and total commitment.

    That is the real pleasure of a job well done.

  • Responsible Actions

    Make your own decorative objects, your gifts, with paper and cardboard, choose to download technical sheets rather than print them and send them by post, choose French printers for the stationery collection, pass on know-how ... are all gestures and choices which certainly contribute, without being sufficient of course, to improving the situation of our precious planet. Every action contributes to becoming more eco-responsible .

    Each of my new projects integrates this data which has become essential.