For a well-organized life

Every day companions, witnesses to all our adventures, memory aids, discreet confidants, these notebooks, notebooks, notepads, calendars are essential - A real addiction!

The Perpetual Calendar

'The Power of Flowers': 12 original floral arrangements by LéNa for each of the 12 months. A pleasure for the eyes renewed every month.

This perpetual calendar is perfect for never forgetting any recurring dates, such as holidays and birthdays.

This pretty, fanciful calendar can be kept and added to from year to year.

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A5 spiral notebooks, passwords

In A5 format, and spiral-bound, this secret code book is extremely practical for collecting all our passwords: 200 different codes can be written there.

2 pretty colors for this notebook, essential for our good organization: navy and white from the 'Cerisier du japon' collection and soft beige and white from the Célia collection. This is a beautiful, fancy, authentic stationery .

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A5 notebooks

These pretty notebooks are discreet witnesses to all the details of our lives: they faithfully collect ideas , memories , lists , projects , stories , good addresses or drawings , sketches , scribbles , etc. ..

It's impossible not to sow them all over the house, and take a few in your bag!

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To Do List

The list of possible lists is long, even endless: the list of our desires, shopping, appointments, priorities of the day, guests, participants in a project, countries to visit,... of..... endless.

As this memorandum is always close to us, it must be elegant , in addition to being practical ; Moreover, for this model, an easel is integrated , so practical!

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Weekly - desk Planner

Another practical and essential notebook . Its very elongated, very narrow format allows it to be installed right in front of the computer keyboard, so it does not take up all the space, and allows you to write and note without straining your back. Each page represents a week , which allows you to see all the priorities and important appointments at a glance.

This beautiful stationery, available in 2 colors , navy/white and beige/white, will match wonderfully with your office atmosphere.

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