Weekend à Londres Inspirant

Weekend in London Inspiring

An inspiring weekend in London

Inspiration, unpredictable and wonderful!

Inspiration is that indomitable force with a strong character that can arise at any time. For my part, I don't control it, it presents itself to me without warning. I simply know that it is nourished by the world around me, by my encounters, my travels and my readings. This time, she appeared to me during a weekend in London.

This is how the Kachmir Box was born. I was strolling through the splendid London store, Fortnum and Mason . Everything is magnificent, each object is chosen with care and presented in a sublime way, thanks to a staging, an ambiance of color, music chosen with taste... Visiting this store is a real pleasure for the eyes.

At the corner of a section, I came across an Indian cardboard palace, specially designed to showcase a collection of precious teapots and teacups. I was amazed, admiring so much precision, detail, harmony. I wondered what was more precious: this masterpiece or the rare porcelain cups?

Look instead: AMAZING!!!

fortnum and mason

Birth of a cardboard project!

This encounter with the cardboard palace was for me a source of inspiration for the creation of my own cardboard box, my little Indian palace . As soon as I return to the workshop; I therefore decided to start creating this box, using quality materials and adding my personal touch.

In the 'specifications', I wanted:

  • return to disk shape seen from above
  • take the 'plump' profile which ends in a point for the lid
  • resume a separation into several identical districts
  • resume the arches, rounded on the facades
  • repeat the vertical threads which punctuate the profile

I also wanted a box that could be given during the end of year holidays. My trip to London took place during this period. I wanted the box to be spectacular at first glance, but also to continue to dazzle when the lid was removed. This is why I imagined a divider with 24 compartments , like an Advent calendar , to accommodate 24 small gifts to give during this time of year. But I didn't want this function to be limited to this period, so I made the divider removable, so that the box could be used as a showcase for precious objects once Advent is over.

For the decorative details, I wanted to use fine lines and soft arches to give a touch of femininity and delicacy to the box. I also chose a precious paper to cover it, to give it an elegant and refined appearance.


Time for design and manufacturing!

The creative process was exciting. I like to work meticulously, paying great attention to details.

I like to draw plans, diagrams, and preview shapes, assemblies.....

I like to cut, fold and glue each piece of cardboard carefully, making sure everything lines up perfectly.

And the reward!

Thus is born 'La Boite Kachmir' which, I hope, arouses a little wonder. It can be used in different ways throughout the year. If you are looking for gift ideas for Advent, you can put .... I suggest some ideas right after...

kashmir box

a little video

Time to share!

As with all my cardboard creations, I then write the tutorial, the technical sheet which allows everyone to create this beautiful object in complete autonomy.

For the Kachmir box, the tutorial is in the form of a 50-page book, rich in numerous detailed photos, step by step, lots of explanations, diagrams, plans. There you will find all the manufacturing steps, tips and advice for making your own personalized box. I hope that this artisanal creation will inspire and make you want to start making cardboard, an exciting creative art accessible to all.

Other Paper Addicts got started, took up the challenge and completed this beautiful project. I'm thinking of Christine, Dominique, Katja, Fabienne....To see these other creations and interpretations of the Kachmir box, visit HERE

Some ideas for small personalized gifts!

In the 24 compartments, why not hide chocolates , pearls , inspiring quotes , activities to do with the family ... The possibilities are endless! The Kachmir box can also become a splendid wedding or birth gift by slipping small precious and symbolic objects inside? Or use it to store your jewelry, your travel souvenirs, your love letters , or any other object dear to your heart.

24 small hand-written recipes,

rolled up and sealed with a pretty ribbon.

24 homemade chocolates or biscuits,

stored in a small pouch.

24 bags of tea/coffee/herbal tea,

different for tasting.

24 sweet little words,

in a charming mini envelope.

24 beads to assemble,

to make a bracelet/necklace

See you soon for the continuation of our Paper/Cardboard Adventures

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