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Free Tabs to Download

FREE tabs to download for your diaries and notebooks

As Paper Addicts, we are all irresistibly drawn to anything that has to do with stationery, whether directly or indirectly. Office accessories are an integral part of our passion! Among these stationery accessories, we find a multitude of objects that make us fall in love: paper clips with improbable shapes, fancy clips, original bookmarks, assorted dividers, colorful stickers, unique bookmarks and even tabs.


On the occasion of the release of my 2 new password/secret code books,

Japanese cherry password book

I offer you these adorable tabs, matching the colors of the 2 collections: the Celia collection and The Cerisier du Japon Collection .

To take advantage of this GIFT, nothing could be simpler:

I will give you the procedure to follow just after, and even, a little further down, a video accessible by scanning the qrcode.

To make these tabs, you need:

  • white A4 self-adhesive sheets.
  • transparent self-adhesive sheets. For those who already have a laminating machine, use it, otherwise we can do without it!
  • a traditional domestic printer
  • a pair of scissors

The instructions :

  • 1. Download the following pdf(s). Click on the following links:

PDF file Célia Collection tabs:


PDF File Japanese Cherry Collection Tabs:


  • 2. Print the file on a white sticker sheet, A4 format.
  • 3. Enter the tab themes: day of the week, month, alphabet, store codes, network codes, codes.....
  • 4. Stick the transparent sheet to the printed sticker sheet
  • 5. Cut the profile of each tab with scissors.
  • 6. Fold in half.
  • 7. Peel off the protection. Install the back part of the tab on the back of the notebook sheet, positioning the break in the profile at the edge of the sheet.
  • 8. Fold the front part of the tab onto the front side of the notebook sheet.

tab to download LeNa's PaperLeNa's Paper tabSecret code book with tabs

Would you prefer to see a video that shows the process from printing the file to installing it in the notebook?

Just scan the QRcode:

Don’t hesitate to send me your photos of installed tabs! LéNa

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