Offrir de la papeterie, c'est offrir un cocktail de sensations

Offering stationery means offering a cocktail of sensations

But what is it that paper lovers love so much?

Whether conscious or not, paper , in all its forms, exerts a particular attraction thanks to its sensory diversity , stimulating all our senses . Which can explain an almost addictive but nevertheless pleasant and charming fascination!

Coloring boxPassword bookA5 notebookFancy A5 notebook

See how paper awakens all the senses:

* We like to touch , even caress the paper , appreciate its velvet, its grain. We like to test the strength of a leaf, its flexibility . We like holding a book or a notebook in our hands, turning the pages... it's often more than just reading. It is a ritual, a moment of connection with what is written.

* We like to admire the 1000 shades of a page, its transparency , its texture . We like to get lost in the infinite palette of possible colors . A sheet of paper is often a work of art in its own right, it stands on its own. Paper is often just beautiful to look at.

* We like the smell of paper when we open a notebook, a book, new or old. This smell can be evocative and pleasant . This sometimes triggers memories related to reading, learning, or childhood. This smell can also suggest adventure, knowledge, or just having a good time. Difficult to resist .

* We love the rustling of leaves rubbing against each other, the sound of the wind lifting a sheet of notebook , the crunch of a sheet being crumpled. Noises often soothing, reassuring.

* We love the timeless and traditional character of paper . The use of paper has a long history , and for many, it evokes a certain nostalgia and connection to the past.

* We love everything that paper allows: drawing, writing, cutting, pasting, creating, imagining, dreaming, sketching, transmitting, sharing...

* We like to be surrounded by these little everyday objects , notebooks, pretty flowery notebooks, fancy notebooks, notepads of all colors..... They are faithful, docile, patient, discreet companions, reassuring, essential

flowery a6 notebookdouble cardrecycled paper lined notebookSingle card + envelopefancy notepadfancy notepad

So many good reasons to offer stationery , pretty notebooks , flowery notebooks , pencils, incredible stationery boxes , to do lists and notepads, calendars , boxes of cards.....

No Paper addict tires of paper, nor resists paper!

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