Idées originales pour sublimer vos cadeaux de Noel

Original ideas to enhance your Christmas gifts

The gift is essential.... but it may not be enough!

The pleasure of giving is not just limited to the gift itself, but to the entire process surrounding it. The search for the perfect gift, the care taken in its presentation , and the meticulous details in the packaging show not only the effort, but also the affection and attention we give to the person who will receive this gift.

Thus the choice of gift and the way in which it is presented communicates a message of love, friendship or consideration . Microscopic touches, like a handwritten card , creative wrapping, or even the way we deliver the gift, quickly become significant. And it is precisely in these details, in these little touches of humanity, that the magic of the gift lies.

Here are some suggestions for 'precious' details to accompany your gifts and enrich every moment:

1. Illustrated personalized card:

Add a warm handwritten note on a personalized card . Share a memory, a special thought, or a few words that express your affection. You can also slip theater or cinema tickets, a list of specially chosen books, a check or a gift card into the envelope...

2. Unique Creation Card:

Like real little paintings, these cards are made by hand , by gluing paper. Each card then becomes a unique creation , a gift in its own right, which can then be displayed and displayed to complete an interior decoration.

Add your tender and thoughtful words, and enhance the truly unique side of your gift!

3. Original labels

Hang a fancy label on the back of which you will write a sweet thought , a tender word , or a pleasant wish . This adds a poetic dimension to your gift. It's no longer just a label , it's a little treasure of feelings.

Don't be surprised to see this little label become a tangible memory, a moment of generosity and warmth. It can be hung on the dashboard, used as a bookmark, or simply kept in a special place.

4. The reusable gift box

To hide a small object to offer, some homemade chocolates , biscuits or delicious meringues, or a pretty Christmas bauble ..... Scan the QRcode and see what comes out of this charming little presentation box! . Certainly, the person who receives this gift will keep this box to hide other precious small objects .

This pretty gift box is very easy to assemble, after having printed and cut out its profile (downloadable tutorial available on the e-shop)

5. Star Garlands – Small or Large

Hanging on gift packages, these star garlands add a festive, joyful side and are a pleasant eye-catcher. Here again, it's a double gift, because these adorable little garlands can become decorations for the tree , or hang from a lamp, or a furniture door. Making them is child's play , the downloadable tutorial is accessible to everyone. And the result is stunning!

Scan the QRcode to view the video, a little Christmas treat!


6. Paper flowers

Attach a small bouquet of flowers to your gift. This adds a touch of freshness and delicacy. The tutorial for these 3 flowers staged below is available on the e-boutique.

These 'details' which always make all the difference, will accompany your gifts and give them a wonderful emotional dimension.


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