10 cadeaux plein d'amour pour la Fête des Mères

10 gifts full of love for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a special occasion to express our love to our mother by giving her a gift that will please her . Finding THE gift can sometimes be complicated and difficult , because we sincerely want it to live up to our love: we are all looking for THE gift that will make her smile, that will make her eyes shine.

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To help you in your quest, here are some ideas that might inspire you:

1. Enjoy summer all year round

orange stationery Here is an idea to prolong the summer: The MAGUY floral stationery collection. Its orange color reminds us of sunsets after a hot day. The daisies that sway nonchalantly and invite relaxation and laziness.

Give your mother a touch of light on her desk even when the weather is gray.

2. A unique bouquet of Roses

Here's another way to offer roses to your mother: The collection of pretty ROSY notebooks and cards , bouquet of white roses on a red background, symbol of love. The magnificent roses in my garden inspired me to create this illustration for fancy, flowery stationery .

So, even in winter, your mother will be able to admire this unique bouquet of roses on her desk!

3 . Sweetness in the spotlight

This is what characterizes your mother: her sweetness: the little notebooks, bookmarks, and LILY cards will undoubtedly reflect her image. The LILY collection is a bouquet of sweetness like the white lily of the valley flower, so fresh and delicate. The color palette of this floral stationery is tender, soft, like the beginning of spring .

A collection that probably fits your mom perfectly.

4 . A trip to Japan on the desk

blue notebook T he very expression 'Japanese cherry tree' is an invitation to travel. All password notebooks , weekly diaries , to do lists , lined notebooks , bookmarks , etc., from the Japanese Cherry tree collection have this deep navy blue , framed with delicate white Japanese cherry blossoms.

Offer your mother a dive into the memories of a past trip to this magnificent country, or the dream of a future trip, a nice virtual getaway.

5 . French authenticity

All the illustrations in my stationery are original and authentic , drawn according to my desires and inspirations. Whether during my travels (like the Célia weekly planners, inspired by Portugal), a walk or simply in my wonderful garden (for the Rosy notebooks or the Maguy notepads), my stationery collections are a part of me .

Give your mother some pretty, original and authentic stationery, made in France.

6 . Addicted to notebooks of all kinds

F or being a stationery lover myself, I perfectly understand the passion for notebooks , all notebooks, notepads , bookmarks , and all kinds of paper items. Nothing compares to the feeling of taking a notebook in your hands, touching it, collecting small notebooks in different styles... Does your mother also share this passion? So the stationery boxes that I offer are made for her.

Each of the 4 stationery boxes that I offer contains no less than 10 exclusive stationery items from my collections (no addition of plastic or other items from other manufacturers). Each box includes 1 lined A5 notebook, 1 small A6 notebook, 1 bookmark, 1 card with envelope, 4 gift tags, 1 notepad, 1 unique code for a tutorial.

By offering a box to your mother, the “wow” effect is guaranteed.

7 . Pleasure of color and slow life

What your mother likes is painting, doing watercolors..... this pouch of 4 flowery paintings to color is a perfect gift for her. I took a lot of care in choosing the paper: each board, in A5 format, is made of high quality paper , with a heavy weight to guarantee the good performance of the painting once colored. The grain and dullness are particularly pleasant. The 4 flower models have a very light outline, ready to be colored with acrylic , watercolor , colored pencils , ink ... Your mother will be able to create 4 charming and personalized paintings , which can be used as cards to send, or decorative elements for the home, the office...

Offering this set of coloring pictures means offering a guaranteed moment of relaxation and a welcome break from the hectic pace of daily life.

8 . Create with your own hands

Y our mom likes to tinker, cut, assemble, restore, hunt for goods, embellish. She's a creator. There is no doubt that she will be interested in one of the 100 cardboard tutorials and paper creations available . Whether it is to create a piece of paper jewelry, make a paper floral arrangement or even make a jewelry box ..... these tutorials offer total autonomy thanks to detailed explanations, numerous photos and detailed plans.

You can choose yourself or let your mom choose her own project. Either way, you're giving him a few great afternoons to create and express his creativity.

9 . It's me who did it

secret box cardboard tutorial They find that you are the one who likes to tinker, transform, make, glue, cut, assemble...... so there is no shortage of gift ideas to make and give: the Rosy flower crown , the Charlie box to insert your chocolates , Simone's ballotin to store your homemade herbal teas , the little Holly bag , the Mahaut set ... Choose the style, the color ambiance that your mother likes. Make chocolates, small cakes, herbal teas.... and the box to present them. A self-made gift is a perfect present to express all your love.

Give your mother one of your creations.

10 . Let choose

It is a very beautiful gift to let people choose . You know that your mother loves fancy, authentic, French stationery , that she loves paper in all its forms: pretty notebooks , original bookmarks , unique cards , but that she also loves transforming paper into works creative ..... Choosing for her can quickly become a real headache!

This is why giving a gift card is a perfect solution. You can choose the amount you want to give, and with a unique code, your mom can spend hours exploring all the store's offers and find exactly what she wants. She can treat herself by choosing her favorite products and satisfying her passion for stationery and creation .

With this gift card, you are sure to give him a gift that he is sure to like.

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One of these Mother’s Day gift ideas inspires you?

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See you soon... LéNa

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